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Pallet Garden

Ok, folks.  Here I am after a long hiatus from blogging.  There’s no real reason for the hiatus, just got caught up in real world living, I guess. I’ll start with one of the real world things I’ve been up to lately:  pallet gardening. I really do enjoy gardening.  Much reward and satisfaction comes from… Continue reading Pallet Garden

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Rediscovering the Value of Nature Study

Nature study took a back seat in our homeschool this year.  It wasn’t intentional, and I offer no clever excuse. I just didn’t make the effort to find the time, I guess.  I could tell my nature-observing senses were growing dull, because I’d give a quick glance and an indifferent, “Huh,” whenever the kids presented me… Continue reading Rediscovering the Value of Nature Study

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Our Family’s Favorite Homemade Jam

This is the absolute best ever strawberry jam.  It’s a freezer jam, which means that the flavor is better preserved — no canned strawberry taste.  Yeah, it’s got way too much sugar in, but it’s fantastic. You’ll want to start with ripe strawberries.  Take the caps off, then mash them with a potato masher. Make… Continue reading Our Family’s Favorite Homemade Jam

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Kids Love this Kind of Meatloaf!

  Here’s a fun variation of the traditional meatloaf that kids love. I remember this recipe from the kids cookbook we had when I was growing up.  I don’t have that particular recipe, but the idea is the same; it works with any meatloaf recipe.  Instead of forming it into a loaf, you just put several dollops of meatloaf… Continue reading Kids Love this Kind of Meatloaf!

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We’re Still Here…..and We’re Still Happily Occupied!

That’s right.  Even if this blog has been quiet lately, we’ve been keeping ourselves busily occupied as always.  I somehow have just not found the time to let you all know about it!  So I’ll do a little catch up post.  Here goes: We came home from our summer vacation to find half of our garden… Continue reading We’re Still Here…..and We’re Still Happily Occupied!