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Pallet Garden

Ok, folks.  Here I am after a long hiatus from blogging.  There’s no real reason for the hiatus, just got caught up in real world living, I guess. I’ll start with one of the real world things I’ve been up to lately:  pallet gardening. I really do enjoy gardening.  Much reward and satisfaction comes from… Continue reading Pallet Garden

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Rediscovering the Value of Nature Study

Nature study took a back seat in our homeschool this year.  It wasn’t intentional, and I offer no clever excuse. I just didn’t make the effort to find the time, I guess.  I could tell my nature-observing senses were growing dull, because I’d give a quick glance and an indifferent, “Huh,” whenever the kids presented me… Continue reading Rediscovering the Value of Nature Study

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Our Family’s Favorite Homemade Jam

This is the absolute best ever strawberry jam.  It’s a freezer jam, which means that the flavor is better preserved — no canned strawberry taste.  Yeah, it’s got way too much sugar in, but it’s fantastic. You’ll want to start with ripe strawberries.  Take the caps off, then mash them with a potato masher. Make… Continue reading Our Family’s Favorite Homemade Jam

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Kids Love this Kind of Meatloaf!

  Here’s a fun variation of the traditional meatloaf that kids love. I remember this recipe from the kids cookbook we had when I was growing up.  I don’t have that particular recipe, but the idea is the same; it works with any meatloaf recipe.  Instead of forming it into a loaf, you just put several dollops of meatloaf… Continue reading Kids Love this Kind of Meatloaf!

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We’re Still Here…..and We’re Still Happily Occupied!

That’s right.  Even if this blog has been quiet lately, we’ve been keeping ourselves busily occupied as always.  I somehow have just not found the time to let you all know about it!  So I’ll do a little catch up post.  Here goes: We came home from our summer vacation to find half of our garden… Continue reading We’re Still Here…..and We’re Still Happily Occupied!

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Create Your Own Miniature Garden

My girls have recently discovered the joy of creating miniature landscapes.  A new store opened up in our Farmer’s Market called “Landscapes in Miniature,” and when we first stopped by a couple of weeks ago, the girls couldn’t stop exclaiming and squealing with delight over all the charming garden scenes spread before us.  Pretty glazed flowerpots,… Continue reading Create Your Own Miniature Garden