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Fall Beauty

This Sunday afternoon, just the girls and I (Rachel) were at home, so we jumped in the truck and drove over the hills to a lovely patch of woods beside one of our barley fields.  There were a few gorgeous red maple trees bordering the woods. 

Allison had fun selecting a few of the most perfect leaves to press for crafts we’ll dream up later.
The color of this leaf was such a vibrant red.  Allison held it up to her red jacket and it matched perfectly!
We walked until we found the huge maple tree we’d discovered last year.  Allison and Megan tried unsuccessfully to join hands around the trunk, but it wasn’t until Mom stepped into the circle that we could close the gap.
As we were walking Carmen started fussing.
I (Megan) looked around for something to amuse 
her.  I found some moss with some brown hair-like
spikes.  Carmen felt it and said, “Mommy look!”  She wanted
to put it in Mommy’s bag, so we let her.
At the beginning of our walk, Allison spotted this nest resting on a forked branch of a tree at the edge of the woods.  She wanted to get it, but I really didn’t see how we could.  On the way back to the truck, she suggested parking the truck under the branch, standing on the roof of the cab, and reaching it from there.  With a little teamwork, we were able to pull the branch down to where we could reach the nest.  It was a very neat and tidy little nest made mostly of woven grasses.  The one thing that caught our eye about it was the thistle down woven into the cup portion of it.  We’ve read that goldfinches use thistle down in making their nests, so maybe it was a goldfinch nest.


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