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Winter Rainbow

When I think of winter, I often picture drab landscapes, bare trees, and gray skies. 

The view from our house


Our cozy farmhouse

 So I took the Challenge to look more closely for color, maybe even all the colors of the rainbow.  The week for this particular topic was the week before Christmas.  We found time on three separate afternoons for a little jaunt outside for some fresh air and exercise.  The first day I was pushed for time, so we just searched our backyard flowerbed.  The Nandina bushes afforded a great selection of color.  (I think the small bush sprouting from the old Nandina we cut down has something wrong with it, hence the orange and yellow leaves.  Nevertheless, it provided just the colors we needed!)  We even found a dandelion for a splash of brilliant yellow.  And the gravels in our driveway had to suffice for blue. 🙂

Our rainbow

On the second day of our treasure hunt for color, we were able to get out of our yard and down to the pond where we found just a few splashes of color.

A real live dandelion

These tiny blue flowers caught Megan’s attention

We started out on the third afternoon with great ambitions to hike across a few fields and hills to a wooded area.  But. . . we stopped in our front yard to admire these red and purple dandelion leaves, then the kids spotted something bright blue . . . a frisbee!  And they all enthusiastically agreed on getting their fresh air and excercise this way instead. 🙂


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