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Wildflowers Everywhere!

 Today we went with Sylvia and her kiddos to Hone Quarry for a hike up Lover’s Leap.  We made it all the way to the top!  Of course we had lots of starts and stops for the little ones, and that gave us opportunity to observe all the wildflowers along the way.  We’ve usually been studying one wildflower a week, so we can get to know it very well, but today we had fun just seeing how many varieties of wildflowers there were.  Then we came home and went back through the pictures on our camera, comparing them to our field guides and trying to identify them as best we could.  Here is what we came up with:
We think this is moss phlox, or at least some kind of wild phlox.

Wild Geranium
Delicate, cheery, little bluets
(they look a bit washed out in the bright sunshine.)
 — looks kind of like Indian or wild strawberry, but has five leaflets as opposed to the strawberry’s three.
Hepatica ?
(Does anyone know for sure?)
Yellow Violet

Bird-foot Violet — distinguished by it’s bird-foot shaped leaves.
We studied the violet up close and personal too, but the only violet blooming in our yard was the common blue violet.  Now we got to see two more varieties.  (Yellow above)

Although dogwood isn’t a wildflower, it certainly was beautiful today.
And here is our bonus find — a little lizard.  Logan alerted us to his presence, but because of his camouflaging expertise, it took us a while to make him out among the sticks and leaves.  He was very obliging, and posed quite nicely for his picture to be taken!  Megan even got to touch his tail before he scampered away.
Our two littlest hikers — Annaliese (1 1/2 yrs.) and Carmen (2 yrs.)

One thought on “Wildflowers Everywhere!

  1. I love the first wildflowers of spring…they are so cheerful. I really enjoyed seeing your collection from your hike and those two littlest hikers…precious!Thank you for sharing your entry with the OHC Carnival.

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