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The Buttercup

This is the common buttercup.  Its characteristics are: shiny, glossy petals, hairy stem,bud, and sepals.  It also has very,very faint lines to point insects toward the nectar.  About midway down the flower the leaves are needle like, but at the base of the flower, the leaves look like “crowfeet”.  It looks pretty but beware! If you handle these pretty fellas too much, you’ll get blistered hands!

      This is another species of buttercup: kidney leaf buttercup.  It’s pretty hard to tell that it’s in the buttercup family if you don’t already know.  Just look at the funny green blob in the middle!  We found these down by our “creek” (basically a trickle right now.)

         This is my (Allison) latest nature notebook page.


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