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Carmen’s Quiet Book

2013-03-12 030

“Mom, May I make a Quiet Book for Carmen? ”  These words came from my 12-year-old daughter, Allison, who just loves making things, and became inspired from perusing Pinterest for Quiet Book ideas.

“Sure! That would be great,” says I.  And so began the project you see here before you.  As I wrote in my post on keeping my three-year old occupied during school time,  I can use all the help I can get in finding engaging activities for her.  And this one is a good one for church, too.

Allison soon got busy snipping felt into quite an array of shapes and sizes and hand stitching  them into all these fantastic pages known as a “Quiet Book.”  I had nothing to do with this other than offering her some advice and feedback at various points along the way.  She’s very motivated when it comes to completing a craft project.  This took up most of her spare time for  five days, and here is the result:

A shapes match-up page

2013-03-12 059

A plate with a fork, spoon, and cup attached. This one’s for breakfast,

2013-03-12 055

and here’s lunch and dinner!

2013-03-12 057       2013-03-12 058

A Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

2013-03-12 052     

A cupcake page with every kind of topping imaginable.

2013-03-12 038     2013-03-12 033

A little girl with yarn hair to clip bows on to.

2013-03-12 043    2013-03-12 041

Number flower petals

2013-03-12 040    2013-03-12 042

More flowers with petals that button on to the stems

2013-03-12 044     2013-03-12 050

And a barn with nifty little finger puppets tucked inside.

2013-03-12 047    2013-03-12 048

I think you’ll agree that she’s becoming quite an accomplished little crafter!


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