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Meet the Homebodies

My husband and I both grew up on farms right here in the Shenandoah Valley. In fact, my husband grew up in the house we now live in.

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Most of the time you’ll find us happily occupied right here at home where we farm 450 acres, grow our own food in a garden every summer, and home school our kids.


We are . . . . Anthony and Rachel


and five kiddos:

           Allison – 13               Logan – 11                  Megan – 9                Jefferson – 7              &   Carmen – 3

DSCN0096    DSCN0093    DSCN0097    DSCN0098    2013-03-06 078


9 thoughts on “Meet the Homebodies

  1. Hi Rachel. Great example of using a shower curtain around the rice play area in your home. Would love to use those photos as a best-practice example for home-care child care providers—we’re a non-profit, university based child care training program (.edu). Possible? Thanks!

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