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Our Farm

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When people find out we’re raising our kids on a real, working farm, they usually respond with “Oh, what a great place for kids to grow up!”

Wide open spaces, the smell of freshly cut hay, big old cob-webby barns, mud between toes, dirt under finger nails: all these seem like normal growing up experiences to me. Anthony and I both grew up on farms. Anthony’s family starting farming here back in the 60s, but farming has been in his family for generations.

On our farm you’ll find barns, old and new; Holstein cows and calves; chickens, chickens, and more chickens (24,000 laying hens in fact); 450 acres of crop land — corn, soy beans, and alfalfa in the summer, barley as a cover crop over winter; a few wooded acres; a trickle of a stream; and a small pond.

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11-2-10 droid 028                    2013-03-13 016


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