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Apple Salad

3-21-13 331

Need another idea  besides lettuce salad to go along with dinner?  Try apple salad.  This was one of my favorite salads growing up, and still is today.  This is less of a recipe and more of an ingredient list.  Make it fit your taste buds. 🙂

Apple Salad

Diced apples (no need to peel them, but you can if you’d rather.)

Chopped nuts, either peanuts or walnuts

Chopped celery

Peanut butter



Simply toss together the apples, nuts, and celery.  Mix together peanut butter, milk, and sugar until you like what you taste.  Pour over apples.

That’s it.  There are a variety of other ingredients you could add to this salad, such as raisins, coconut, sunflower seeds.  You pick.


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