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My New Favorite Way to Clean Bathrooms

2013-03-27 013

I don’t know about you, but I think clean bathrooms are great!  Hey, you gotta use ’em everyday, so why not make ’em shine and keep ’em smelling clean!  I recently ran across some ideas on Pinterest that I put to good use in my bathroom cleaning routine.  Here are my two new favorite bathroom cleaning tips:

#1.  Use only Windex and a dry rag to clean your toilet and sink.

That’s right, Windex.  You know how sparkling clear it leaves windows.  Why not use it to make your bathroom shine?!  I read here that all you really need to keep under your bathroom sink as far as cleaners go, are Windex and a toilet bowl cleaner.  I did some research to see if Windex is antibacterial, and basically found that ammonia, which is in Windex, can have disinfectant qualities, but that Windex itself is not considered a disinfectant.  But I recently found Windex’s multi-surface cleaner, and noticed that it is antibacterial and it leaves my bathroom sparkling with the same shine that regular Windex does!

And about that dry rag. . . I read here that the professional way to clean a bathroom is to spray disinfectant directly on to the toilet, sink, and tub, then wipe with a dry rag.  It turns out that the wipe-with-water method I normally used is not so clean after all.   Instead, the water just dilutes the power of your cleaner, and you end up spreading those germs all around as you wipe down that toilet!

So I’m very happy to say that I now have a hassle-free way to clean my bathroom.  It’s quicker and easier.  And instead of streaks and smears with using water, I’m left with a clean shine!

Spray the Windex on generously in short sections as you go along so that it doesn’t dry before you get there with your rag.

2013-03-23 013

Another hint:  use a piece of toilet paper to wipe up the dust, hair, and other “grime” (mothers of boys know what I’m talking about! 🙂 ) that collects around the base of the toilet.  Somehow all that stuff just clings right on to the toilet paper, and you don’t have to wipe it around with your rag.

2013-03-23 038

Here they are in all their “shiny-ness” 🙂

2013-03-23 026

2013-03-23 024

#2.  Use a sponge-wand filled with half  Dawn dish detergent and half vinegar to clean your shower.

2013-03-27 026

I’ve tried more ways than I care to remember to keep my glass-walled shower clean.  Regular bathroom cleaners just don’t get rid of the scum.  I’ve tried baking soda, and that works pretty well, but takes a good bit of scrubbing.  For a while, I had an automatic shower cleaner hanging over the shower head that sprayed cleaner all around the shower at the touch of a button.  I just pushed the button as I was leaving the shower, and it cleaned the shower all by itself!  That worked great until it died.  We have hard water, and I think the build up on the gears inside the gizmo made it finally grind to a halt.

So I’m really happy about this other Pinterest find.  It’s cheap, quick, and easy.  I actually do it while I’m in the shower myself.  Dawn dish detergent and vinegar never hurt anybody!  I try to clean my shower twice a week.  One time I just clean the glass walls, and the other time I clean the whole thing.  At the most, it takes me 5 minutes.  And it really works!

As I said before, we have hard water issues to deal with.  We do use a softener, but that doesn’t completely resolve the issue.  Dawn and vinegar really get rid of hard water stains and soap scum, let me tell you.

And let me also prove to you by showing you before and after pictures.  (Yes, these are real, live pictures of my shower!)

2013-03-23 002

Before . . .

2013-03-23 001

. . . and after!

2013-03-27 029

Once again, I’m so happy to have found these quick, easy, and effective methods for cleaning my bathroom.  You’ll have to give them a try!

15 thoughts on “My New Favorite Way to Clean Bathrooms

  1. I was looking at an old 1970s commercial for Windex that showcased more cleaning uses for the product than I ever would have thought. It got me to Google it which lead me to your blog. Now I’ve learned something else new! Thanks for the tips. (And I was really surprised to read your tip on using toilet paper to clean around the base of the toilet. I’ve been doing that for some time, mainly for quick touch ups to keep the toilet clean. I’m happy to find someone else does this too! I just keep dollar-store toilet paper under the sink for that. I spray whatever cleaner then wipe. Now I’ll use Windex!)

  2. your page is lovely and high spirited. thank you.. i must warn you though,, windex is not your friend.. is is very toxic to your lungs, kids and pets.. it is better to stick to the vinegar and dawn. blessings.’

  3. Very nice post here and thanks for it .I always like and such a super contents of these post.Excellent and very cool idea and great content of different kinds of the valuable information’s.

  4. Love the sponge wand idea. I have one of those kicking around. I must try this. We have a glass corner shower in our master bathroom. We’re pretty good about squeegee-ing it down every time before we get out, but the hard water still leaves streaks.

    1. 23 octubre, 20iCarist1n2Ah vale.. es que no veia conciertos por ningun lado, y he pensado que ya me quedaba con las entradas compradas jaja! Vale pues desde Valencia vamos, y alli nos veremos! Gracias!  

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