Mom’s Memory Scrapbook

2013-04-03 Mom's Scrapbook 001

My mother turned 70 this year.  Seventy years of faithful service to her Lord and family.  In honor of this milestone, my sisters and I decided to give her a memory scrapbook.  Each of us, children and grandchildren, created a separate page of  pictures, artwork, poetry, and memories — whatever we wanted to include to show our love and appreciation for Mom / Grandma.  We compiled the pages into one scrapbook and presented the finished project to her last evening.

She was completely surprised, delighted, and, I believe, touched by the love and care that went into creating such a special gift for her.  It was wonderful to see individual personalities shine through in the way the pages were created.  Twenty-three pages of memories for Mom to treasure.

2013-04-03 Mom's Scrapbook 031
We love you, Mom / Grandma!

Here’s a sampling of a few of the pages.

2013-04-03 Mom's Scrapbook 002
Handwritten letter and poem
2013-04-03 Mom's Scrapbook 004
A family tree and a chronicle of 70 memories
2013-04-03 Mom's Scrapbook 008
Grandchildren’s artwork and handwritten notes about good times at Grandma’s house
2013-04-03 Mom's Scrapbook 010
A sweet hand print from a granddaughter and words of thanks from a daughter and son-in-law
2013-04-03 Mom's Scrapbook 011
Colorful painting and kindergarten handwriting from grandsons
2013-04-03 Mom's Scrapbook 013
On the inside of the back cover we included a record of all our full names and birth dates from the oldest to the very youngest.
2013-04-03 Mom's Scrapbook 016
We all signed our names on the front page and tucked a letter that my daughter wrote into an envelope mounted inside the front cover.

Here is the story letter written by Allison, age 12:


Thank you, Lord for my wonderful mother!!  Bless her “real good” this year!


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