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Do You Dust?


I do . . . . . . . .occasionally.  I’ll admit that dusting takes a back seat in my cleaning schedule.  You know, if the house is tidy and the floors are mostly free of dirt and debris, then a faint film of dust on the furniture doesn’t give me much grief.  There comes a time, though, when I’m ready for that beautiful shine radiating from my wood furniture, so I get out the Pledge and get it done.

Here are two dusting tips that make the job a bit easier:

1.  Spray Pledge on an old sock, slip it over your hand, and swipe it over your furniture.


I think this works especially well for baseboards.


2.  Use a lint roller (the kind that has layers of “stickiness” to peel off) to remove all that dust that clings to your lamp shades.  It works like a charm.


 And your kids will volunteer to do it for you! 



4 thoughts on “Do You Dust?

      1. I am SO ready for summer laundry! We wear shorts and flip flops! All of the jeans and sweatshirts and ironing… whew! Not to mention the socks! Maybe you will find some good uses and do a post for us!

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