Clay Owl Jewelry Holder


If you’ve got some air dry clay and paint, then you’re all set to make this cute clay owl jewelry holder!

Here’s what my oldest daughter, Allison has been up to lately.  She took the idea of making a decorative clay owl a step further —  she poked a few holes in the owl to make it a jewelry holder.

She took step-by-step pictures of how to make it, so I’ll let her share the tutorial here with you in case you want to make one too.

What you’ll need:

air dry clay

rolling pin

lid of a small marker

blunt-tipped colored pencil                                     


plastic knife                                            

small bowl of water

First, roll out a small ball of clay into a big enough circle to cut your owl out of.  It should be about one-fourth inch thick.  ( I didn’t measure, I usually figure it’s not worth the time,  but if you get it too thin it will be fragile, and if it’s too thick, the backs of your earrings won’t hardly come out the other side.)


Draw the outline of your owl on the clay with the back of your knife.  Don’t make the bottom too rounded, or it won’t sit on the base very well.


Cut the owl out with your knife.  Dip your finger in the bowl of water, and wipe it over the edges of the clay to smooth them.  Also cut out a beak from the clay, and smooth it with water too.  Use the lid of a small marker to make the owl’s eyeballs.  Gently press the lid down and wiggle it around a bit.


Gently press the tip of the colored pencil in the center of the eyeballs to make the pupils.


For the feathers, very lightly press half of the marker lid into the clay.


Use the end of the plastic knife again to make wings by dragging it in an arc, starting just under the eyeballs and moving down to the bottom of the owl.


This is the part that makes the owl an earring holder.  Unbend the paperclip so that there’s an end free.  Poke holes all the way through the owl.  I repeat, all the way through the owl!


Alright, once you’ve done as many holes as you like, let the owl dry on a piece of wax paper for a couple of hours to a day until it’s completely dry.


When the owl has dried, prepare the ” log” that the owl will sit on.  This is simply an oval piece of clay rolled out until it’s a little thicker than the owl was.   Again, I didn’t measure for sure;)


Settle the owl on the log, and mold the clay snugly around it.   Make the feet with your trusty plastic knife.


Now you just have to paint it!  But while you’re slathering the paint on, keep in mind this tip:  Don’t paint all the way over the holes, because when you put your earrings in, the paint will flake off  if you’ve painted over the holes.

Congratulations!  You have completed a lovely fashion owl!


I did make several more owls, but unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of them.  Thanks for reading folks!


We’ll be happy to answer questions or clarify anything that seems confusing.  Feel free to ask.

DSCN0096  Meet Allison and the rest of the homebodies here.

2013-03-12 053  View more of Allison’s work here.


7 thoughts on “Clay Owl Jewelry Holder

    1. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. Glad you liked my daughter’s clay owl. I think it’s pretty cute. I took a look around your site and found some interesting information, especially regarding ICDs (defibrillators), which I have. I’ll be following your site. 🙂

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