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News From the Dairy Farm Today — Triplets!


Breaking news:  Holstein triplet calves born at Beery Farms today!  When the cows were checked on our dairy farm early this morning, not one, not two, but three calves were found with one mama cow.  And they were even born without assistance — an incredible feat indeed.  They weigh around 60 pounds each, an amazing number considering there were three that size. A typical newborn Holstein calf can weigh as much as 100 pounds at birth.

Triplet calves are a rare occurrence on Holstein dairy farms.  Holstein World Online states that the odds for triplet calves are 1 in 105,000,  and the percent of triplet births where all three are born alive is 25%.

The kids couldn’t wait to see the baby calves as soon as they heard about it!

Two of the calves are heifers and one is a bull.  The heifers are up and walking around, acting quite perky.  The bull is the smallest and frailest, and it wasn’t looking good for him in the beginning, but he pulled through and is trying to stand up on wobbly legs.  They’re all looking good now!

*Click here to see an update on the triplets! (5-4-13)


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