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Picture of the Week: Girls in Yellow

DSC_7568-Edit-Edit-5 (2)

My photographer sister-in-law, Andrea, recently took Allison and Megan to this field of gold (canola) and captured their sweet smiles in this picture.  I love my farm girls!!

Beyond a Dream Photography


14 thoughts on “Picture of the Week: Girls in Yellow

  1. I I agree with everyone above, but . . .
    I have a question or two.
    1. There really is such a thing as canola?! I have read authorities in lots of places saying that’s just a short way of saying “Canadian oil” and can be from any plant as long as it grew in Canada. Wow.l
    2. Is it your field? Do you grow it for market?

    And I really do think your little gals are beauties, and look lots like you in their own ways. xoxo to all your chldren.

    1. Yes, canola is a real plant that was developed in Canada and derived it’s name from the same. Can for Canada, and ola for oil low acid. It’s from the same (large) family of plants as rutabaga, cabbage, and turnip. Check out these links for more info.

      And no, it is not our field. But it is a field on a farm not too far from us owned by my husband’s cousin. He grows it to make bio-diesel for use on his farm. Here’s a time-lapse video he put on YouTube of canola growing in his field. Check it out!

      Thanks for the compliment on my “beauties.” I think they are too, but I might be biased. 😉

  2. Beautiful picture of beautiful sisters! Canola blooming already? The fields around us here in central B.C. bloom in mid-July. Maybe you’ll see them when you come this summer!

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