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This Week In Preschool: Colored Rice Sensory Play

2013-04-30 039

The highlight this week in preschool was definitely playing with colored rice.  We hadn’t gotten this one out for quite some time, so the newness of it made it even more special.  I keep a bin of it in the closet along with various containers and an old sheet, right ready to spread on the floor and start having fun.  My bigger kids actually enjoy playing with rice too; I guess it’s kinda like playing in an indoor sandbox. 🙂

         2013-04-30 017               2013-04-30 008             2013-04-30 044

You can find instructions for coloring rice here.  We made each color of the rainbow, then mixed them all together for rainbow rice.

This next simple activity uses recycled cards.  Just cut the front of each card in half, mix them up, then have your preschooler find the matching halves and piece them back together.  Carmen really enjoyed the challenge of finding the matches, but she was a bit frustrated that the pieces wouldn’t stay together very well.

2013-04-30 036                                   2013-04-30 034

On the theme of recyclables . . . I set out a box of lids I have been saving for some yet-to-be-determined project, and just let Carmen play with them. 2013-5-02 018

My inspiration for using these for free-play came from my fellow-blogger over at I Have No Greater Joy.  Sometimes the simplest toys can foster the greatest imagination.  I gave her some suggestions, such as sorting them by color or stacking them.  She did sort them.  Then she put pom-poms on them and said she was making cupcakes.  Then she had fun making the magnetic backed pom-poms stick to the metal canning lids.  Like I said, sometimes it’s the simplest things. 🙂

2013-5-02 005   2013-5-02 006   2013-5-02 017

And here is the activity the pom-poms were originally designed for.  I laid the paper on a cookie sheet and she placed a magnetic pom-pom on each circle.  You could use do-a-dot (Bingo) markers for the circles, too.

2013-5-02 007          2013-5-02 014

These super-cute printables can be found for free at Homeschool Creations. (Scroll down the page to find them.)

I’ll post Carmen’s preschool activities next week too, so check back for more!

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5 thoughts on “This Week In Preschool: Colored Rice Sensory Play

  1. I like the old sheet for rice. I put it in my sensory table when I taught public school k and had to call for the nurse with a suspected broken arm (it wasn’t!) when someone slipped on the spilled pieces. Haven’t tried that one since, but perhaps this will help me be brave 😉 Sounds like such fun at your house 🙂

  2. What fun! My big kids would love the rice, too! Sometimes it’s hard to get them to work on those math problems with things like rainbow rice beckoning! 😉 I think the big kids are blessed to still get to have those things around… sort of like me and the PB & J’s and m&m’s cookies! I wouldn’t really make them or get to eat them if I weren’t blessed with children! Fun week! I had planned to post weekly preschool activities, but I’ve not been able to get to it… 😦 Love your ideas. We will try the magnetic pom-poms! I guess you just made them? Hot glue gun? Or are they a new item for purchase I don’t yet know about?

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