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Update on Baby Calves and Baby Birds

The babies are growing!  I figured it’s time for an update, so here are some pictures.

House Finch Babies

2013-05-04 Allison 036
They are 10-12 days old and are getting their wing feathers. (Yes, that’s bird poop around the edge of the nest. Nice, huh?!)
2013-04-25  Allison 016
The mama house finch.
2013-5-02 008
Here’s the daddy house finch. The nest is just below him under the gutter.

I did a bit of research on house finches using our favorite bird website, All About Birds, which is by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  I would highly recommend this website to anyone interested in learning more about birds!  I found that the house finch……….

  • Has recently been introduced to the eastern U.S. from western North America where its native habitat is desert, grasslands, chaparral, and open woodlands.
  • Frequents bird feeders, and also frequently nests on or near buildings, sometimes even on front door wreaths (which we had happen here on our own front door two years ago 🙂 ).
  • Has a nestling period of 12 – 19 days, (so our little birds will soon be flying the nest.)
  • Is one of the few species of birds that feeds its young exclusively plant foods.

For better images of the differences between  male and female house finches, visit the above website.

Calf Triplets

2013-05-04 Allison 033
Hungry for milk!

We named the bull calf Ferdinand, with fondness for the children’s book, Ferdinand by Munro Leaf.

2013-05-04 Allison 011
The boy.

The heifer calves needed to be “F” names too, so they are Flossie and Florie.  They are identical, but we’ve learned ways to tell them apart.

2013-05-04 Allison 018
The girls.
Flossie’s on the left; Florie’s on the right.
2013-05-04 Allison 002
Here’s Jeff, bottle-feeding Ferdinand.
2013-05-04 Allison 024
They line up at the front gate, ready for their bottles.

For the original posts on both the calf triplets and the newly hatched baby birds, click on these links:

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10 thoughts on “Update on Baby Calves and Baby Birds

  1. House finches are so comfortable around humans. What a treat to have them around! They nest in the thick ivy growing on the north side of our house. I think it’s safer than a tree!

    Those calves look completely wonderful. Another, amazing blessing. 🙂

  2. Interesting to see all the growth – how exciting can nature study be? I am glad to learn that House Finches build nests in front door wreaths, because we just had some take up residence in my brand new wreath on our door. I keep wondering if we should start using the back door for a few weeks…

    1. Wow! So you have a bird nest in your wreath too! It’s amazing they get so close to human activity, isn’t it? Our poor little mama bird flies from her nest every time we go in and out of the back door next to her nest.

  3. Can’t believe you had triplet calves! We have twins occasionally, but never any triplets yet. Have you ever had a set of triplets on your farm before?

    1. No, this is a first for us! And from what I read in my brief internet research on triplet calves, a triplet birth, especially one where all the calves are healthy, is a rare event. We could hardly believe it! The mom had them all by herself with no assistance, which is also amazing.

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