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Birthday Blast!

2013-05-14 035

We celebrated two birthdays at our house this week.  Allison turned 13, and Logan turned 11.  Each year we let the kids choose between having a party with friends and grandparents, or inviting a friend for dinner at a restaurant and a sleepover afterwards.  For Allison it was the party, and for Logan it was a sleepover.

Here are the pictures:

Allison wanted to try an idea she found on Pinterest for a balloon popping game.

Fill balloons with paint,

2013-05-14 001

blow them up,

2013-05-14 002

tape them to a big piece of cardboard covered with white paper,

2013-05-14 004

then pop them by throwing darts at them!

2013-05-14 055

One thing we learned is that you want to put plenty of paint in the balloons and wait to blow them up until right before the party.  We blew ours up several hours before hand, and until we were ready for the game they had started to shrink, making them tougher to pop.  Then because we didn’t put quite enough paint in some of them, they didn’t spurt much color when they did pop, but the kids still had fun.

2013-05-14 065

For a craft, the kids traced a shape or a letter on to corkboard,

2013-05-14 043

pressed 1/2″ nails into the board along the traced line,

2013-05-14 044

then wound string (we used embroidery thread) in a random back and forth pattern from nail to nail.

2013-05-14 045

2013-05-14 051

 This is the first year I didn’t decorate a cake for the kids.  They always choose what they want on their cake, but Allison asked if she could have fruit pizza.  I made the crust, the cream cheese spread, and cut up the fruit, but she arranged them.  Notice the rainbow order on the first one and the reverse rainbow order on the second one — designed by Allison!

2013-05-14 017

2013-05-14 085 (834x1280)

  Logan also opted for something other than the typical decorated birthday cake.  He chose a Black Forest cake — with a whipped cream 11 on it. 🙂

2013-05-14 Allison 071

  2013-05-14 Allison 073 (1141x1280)

2013-05-14 Allison 075 (1165x1280)

We wrapped up Logan’s birthday celebration just today by launching the rocket he got for his birthday.  This rocket is the kind that uses an engine to launch and shoots up 600 + feet into the air!  It worked perfectly, and he absolutely loved it!!






It landed just as it was supposed to with the parachute and the kids dashed after it.  What fun!



14 thoughts on “Birthday Blast!

  1. Oh, Allison! What a birthday treat! That’s exactly what I ask for every year (and sometimes I get one). Both birthdays look like such fun. I cannot believe how our crew has grown.

  2. Birthdays certainly look like fun at your house…paint balloons and rockets OH MY 🙂
    The fruit “mandala” cakes are gorgeous and the black forest cake looks scrumptious too!
    It is lovely to make such special memories for your precious children!

  3. I think you have a sweet little homemaker in the making. Love the fruit. My Catherine (7) always asks to bring fruit salad when we have supper at friends’ homes. She loves arranging it. We have never done the fruit pizza! She would love that. Do I see paved roads on your farm?! Wow! It looks so pretty. In the picture with the truck and the rocket smoke… the land looks so pretty.

    1. Yes, Allison is quite capable around the house. 🙂 Sounds like fruit pizza would be just the thing for your daughter to arrange. How neat that she loves arranging fruit salads! We don’t have paved roads on our farm, just limestone gravel. And I might be biased, but I think the land is pretty too. We’ve got lots of rolling hills, and this time of year is beautiful around here.

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