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Summer List of Kid Fun and Crafts

You probably have such a list yourself — all the neat craft ideas and fun activities you’ve seen on Pinterest or read about otherwise on the internet.  Well, here’s a list of the things I know my kids enjoy because we’ve done (most of) them before.  I’ll be returning to these crafts and projects this summer, tweaking them and adding some new twists to keep it interesting.

Tie Dye T-shirts

2013-05-23 143
We’ve done this before. The kids loved it and the shirts turned out great. We’ll do some more for the kids to wear for our big trip this summer.

Tie Dye kits can be purchased at

TP roll crafts

2013-05-23 147
Just look at what you can do with tp and paper towel rolls! I’ve got a bunch stashed away in my craft closet for making all kinds of interesting creations.

You can find a bunch of tp roll craft ideas for kids here.

And here’s a beautiful tp roll creation that I’d like to try to make and string into a garland to use as part of my window treatments!


2013-05-23 139
Logan got a wood-burning kit for Christmas and loves using it.

I saw an idea for woodburning a monogram on to cork coasters here.

And take a look at these neat wood-burned wooden spoons.

Wood burning kits can be purchased at Michael’s, Wal-mart, or at


There’s an amazing web-site called That Artist Woman that is packed full of wonderful art ideas and tutorials for kids of all ages.  Here is one we tried last summer.

2013-05-23 136
Find a picture of an animal from a magazine, greeting card, calendar, etc., and draw the whole thing as well as a close up view of the different body parts. Very fun idea!

Nature Journaling

2013-05-23 178
Nature study is something easy to incorporate into summer studies, but instead of making it a study, we’ll focus more on journaling whatever suits our fancy.

Now here are some new projects I’d love to try (if we have time before summer runs out!).

Travel Journals

I found an idea here for creating beautiful travel journals.  Pick up the free brochures you can find at all the tourist destinations, cut and paste them into a journal, and jot down a few of  the highlights.  Fantastic idea!  Have a look.

I think I’ll tweak that idea for my 3yo by cutting out pictures of animals we are likely to see during our trip, and letting her paste them into her own journal if/when we do see them.

2013-05-23 160
Ranger Rick Jr. and Big Back Yard magazines have great animal pictures.

 Maybe the boys can make these wood slice flowers.

I’m hoping to be able to use all those extra plastic knives and the little round mirror I got at the dollar store to make a sunburst wall hanging for our camper.

And another idea for the camper:  pony bead suncatchers

Whew!  Not sure how many of these we’ll get to before we run out of summer.  I’ll be sure to post the results of the ones we do. 🙂

(If you want more ideas, be sure to check out my boards on Pinterest.  I’ve got loads of craft ideas, DIY home decor ideas, and more!)


13 thoughts on “Summer List of Kid Fun and Crafts

  1. Fun stuff! I love finding craft ideas on Pinterest. I think I’m most excited to make glow in the dark bubbles to use this summer when we camp out. You just add the liquid from a glow stick to a bottle of bubbles, and it’s supposed to make the bubbles glow. I really hope it works because it sounds so very cool!

  2. I really like the art idea! It looks great displayed that way and I something more… artsy than painting paper plates and popsicle sticks for some actual lesson plans next year!

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