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Grilling Oysters

2013-05-23 003

I learned something new this week.  You can cook fresh oysters still in the shell right on your backyard grill.  We were given a gift of fresh, live oysters as a thank you for hosting a field day here at the farm recently.  We didn’t have any experience with shucking oysters, and when we found out they can be grilled while still in the shell, we decided to try it.

2013-05-23 004

We simply cleaned the oysters by washing them under running water, then placed them directly on to the grill rack.  We grilled them until the shells popped open, which is supposed to take around 6-8 minutes.  (We left some of them on too long, and they did dry out.) 

Then we just pulled the shell the rest of the way open and used a paring knife to cut the meat away from the shell.  We dipped them in cocktail sauce, but I’ve also seen suggestions for trying them with melted butter, Worcestershire sauce, or Tabasco sauce.

We threw on a couple of hot dogs for those of us who weren’t sure we wanted to eat oysters this way. I tried one, then I enjoyed my hotdog.  🙂

2013-05-23 005

We didn’t find any pearls, but we did find this miniature crab inside one of them!

2013-05-23 006

The kids got to enjoy a picnic with their cousins out on the lawn.

2013-05-23 013

So I’m curious. How many of you have grilled oysters yourself?  If you’ve never tried it but would like to sometime, you can find more about how to do it here.

 And in case you’re wondering, oysters aren’t exactly typical fare for this Shenandoah Valley farm family! (Though we do usually have fried oysters for Christmas — I can eat them fried. 🙂 )  Check out my no-fuss home cooking posts for our more regular fare.


4 thoughts on “Grilling Oysters

  1. I love oysters! They aren’t exactly typical fare for Minnesota farmers either. 🙂 Normally I get them once a year or so if we’re at a nice enough restaurant that I trust them to be good. These look pretty delicious!

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