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Ten Simple Ways to Organize Your Home

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 Keeping the house organized is a constant work in progress.  As our family has grown, I’ve sought out and gradually added new ways to find “a place for everything, and everything in its place.”

Here are 10 of my recent discoveries, many of them Pinterest finds.

  1. Over the door shoe organizers are so versatile.  They’re not just for shoes anymore.  I have one hanging on the inside of our laundry room closet for my cleaning supplies

2013-05-28 088

 2.  And one hanging on our mud room door for the kids’ winter hats and gloves.

2013-05-28 090

 3.  This one is so simple, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it until just a few months ago.  We’ve gone from keeping all the kids’ shoes in one big bin (and tossing them all out to find the one at the bottom), to keeping them all neatly lined up and clearly visible on these 2 sets of shelves from Target.  (Also available at ) Thirty dollars and 15 minutes of my husband’s time later, this shoe rack was assembled and lined with rows of kids shoes — beautiful order!

2013-05-28 083

4.  I had an empty expanding file box so I filled it up with all the extra cards that were floating around my desk drawer.  Now if I need a card for a particular occasion, I know right where to look.

2013-05-28 095

 5.  I needed more space to store all our toiletries and first aid supplies in our bathroom wall cupboard.  So I moved the towels I had kept folded on the lower shelf,  rolled them up and put them in a basket under the sink.

2013-05-28 103

6.  This tissue box is mounted with industrial strength velcro to the inside of the bathroom sink cupboard door.  It holds rags for the kids to use for their daily bathroom cleaning chore — wiping down the sink and toilet with Windex and a dry rag.

2013-05-28 111

7.  And here’s another fantastic use for empty tissue boxes:  holding underwear and socks in the kids dresser drawers.

2013-05-28 158

8.  Speaking of kids’ dresser drawers.  Here’s a tip I learned from my sister when her teenagers were toddlers.  To make putting on their own clothes a snap for toddlers/preschoolers, fold the tops and bottoms of their outfits together into one bundle.  That way they can grab a “pack” of clothes and be sure that they have a matching outfit.

2013-05-28 165                                      2013-05-28 167

9.  Another tip for kids’ clothes.  Keep a hamper in a central location (ours is in the upstairs hallway) to toss clothes in when they no longer fit.  When I tell the kids their pants are too short, or when they tell me they never where a shirt because they don’t like it, I no longer have to dig through the boxes of stored clothing to put it with the other clothes of that size. When the hamper gets full, I sort the clothes to go to Goodwill, or to go back in the boxes of hand-me-downs.

2013-05-28 114

10.  And finally, when I first bring out the next season’s clothes and hang them in my closet,  I turn the hangers backward.  As I wear them, I turn the hanger the other way around.  At the end of the season, I’ll be able to tell which ones I never wore, and can donate them or otherwise get rid of them.

2013-05-28 122

So there you have it — a list of ten simple ways to bring even more order to your home.  🙂

14 thoughts on “Ten Simple Ways to Organize Your Home

  1. Thanks for the great ideas! I started switching my hangers backwards, and it’s been really helpful to track what I really wear and what to get rid of. Thank you for posting “real” organizing ideas that don’t involve a huge expense or a ton of time…those are the things that I can really do…

  2. These are all great ideas. I’ve been hanging the clothing on the hanger backwards, to let me know when I’ve worn it once and might want to wear it again, such as when I bathe and dress, but an hour later decide to change for going to town. When I find something hanging backwards on the hanger, I can know it might not be clean, so I should double-check. I get the same effect as you, though, realizing I’ve never worn something I thought I needed…
    I thought it humorous that you put things I would shelve into shoe pockets, then put shoes into shelves. 🙂 But I might use shoe pockets more if we did not have pocket doors or folding doors in about 75% of our doorways. Now that’s a way to lose space, since wherever pocket doors go into hiding, it is impossible to have electrical outlets or to hang things on the wall…

  3. I love your tissue box ideas! Where did you buy industrial strength Velcro? We have been using a sweater hanger in our front closet for kids’ shoes… a similar solution and it’s narrow enough to not take up the whole closet. PS We adore Shenandoah. I’m not too far from you, in Maryland.

  4. Folding together sounds better than the hanging shelves I was going to try! And I love the backward clothes hanger idea! There are currently handi-men in my house installing new closet doors pretty much everywhere so I can use over the door storage! Bi-folds are both flimsy and inefficient!

  5. I love the folding tip! That could save me some explaining anout stripes with plaids– even for ones a little older than preschool. 😉 We love shoe holders for mittens, too! I’ve been using one for school supplies… flash cards, glue sticks, math manipulatives, scissors, etc. I’m now thinking about using one for the girls’ hair accessories and ribbons. Thanks for sharing your ideas! I guess I better save those tissue boxes!

    1. My 7 and 9yos liked the idea of folding clothes in sets, too. The problem is when they put a pair of shorts and a shirt together, but then end up wearing pants on a chilly day. They kind of lost interest when it didn’t always work. Now that summer is really here (I think), and their sets might be a little more consistent, I might encourage them to try it again. 🙂

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