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Picture of the Week: Simple Pleasures

2013-06-02 porch swing 006

I share this picture because it captures my kids’ joy over getting to swing on the front porch swing with Daddy.   During this time of year Anthony puts in long hours in the fields to get the planting done.  But on Sundays he lets the tractors set and we get to have a day of rest all together.  Swinging on the porch swing with Daddy is great fun for the kids because he gives them the ride of their lives (i.e. pushes them really high!).  It was the highlight of their Sunday afternoon.


14 thoughts on “Picture of the Week: Simple Pleasures

  1. I just wrote a recent post about simple pleasures, and your picture says it all!! It’s those kind of moments that are precious and need to be remembered, and celebrated. Looks like a joy filled bunch! Around here, any time spent with dad is quality time. Thanks for sharing your CM thoughts too. I also follow CM with my kids, and it is truly wonderful.

  2. Great picture, you have a beautiful family! My husband works long hours too and the children do treasure those happy little times together ~ as does he :).

  3. I am so glad you posted this as it led me to your blog for the first time – God’s timing for sure. I have just decided to homeschool and am just beginning to learn about Charlotte Mason. Thanks for the help you have already provided. i look forward to gleaning more of the beauty, wisdom and encouragement your blog offers! Thanks, Rachel.

      1. So glad you stopped by and let me know you found my blog, Aaron! Even before you identified yourself, I was encouraged that “anonymous” was helped and encouraged by reading! 🙂 I’m excited that you’ll be homeschooling, and that you’re checking out the CM method. We love learning this way! What grade(s) will you start your homeschool with next year?

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