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Tie Dye Patterns and Techniques

2013-06-04  Allison 212

Tie Dyeing t-shirts was first on our list of summer crafts and activities, and I’m happy to report that we have indeed completed the project.  If you’ve done this before using a kit, you know that there are instructions included for the various techniques and patterns.  But if you’ve never done tie-dyeing before, you can hopefully get an idea of what’s involved from my pictures here.



2013-06-04  Allison 216

This technique is the easiest and most fool-proof in my opinion.

  • Simply grab the shirt right in the middle of the front and start twisting it.
  • Keep on twisting until the entire shirt is wrapped around that center twist,
  • Then place rubber bands around the whole bundle in a “pie” formation.
  • For the rainbow look, color each section a different color of the rainbow.

The kit we used came with only the primary colors of dye in three squeeze bottles.  This gave the kids a chance to do some color mixing, which was fun.


Bull’s Eye 

2013-06-04  Allison 221

This one is easy as well, although keeping the rings of color separate can be a challenge.

  • Pull up sections of the shirt wherever you want a bull’s-eye and place two or three rubber bands along each section, depending on how many rings of color you want.
  • Squeeze desired color on to each ring.
  • Scrunch up the remainder of the shirt around the bull’s-eyes, and place rubber bands around the whole bundle.
  • Color the scrunched up edges around the outside (not pictured — my apologies).


 Wash Board Stripe

2013-06-04  Allison 219

We thought the example pictured in the instructions for this one looked really neat, but it turned out to be the most difficult of the three techniques we tried.

  • We wanted a diagonal stripe, so we pulled the shirt together in an accordion fold from the shoulder to the opposite corner.
  • Then we scrunched up the rest of the shirt around the fold and put rubber bands around it.
  • We colored the stripe a different color than the rest of the shirt.

I think doing the entire shirt in one color might have made the stripe show up more.  The white  between the accordion folds would have been more noticeable with a monochromatic background.


We placed each of the shirts in a separate Ziploc bag for 24 hours.  The next day we opened them up, rinsed them under cold water until the water ran clear, then ran them through a regular cycle in the washing machine.  All in all it was a super fun project for everybody (myself included), and I’m sure we’ll do it again sometime. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Tie Dye Patterns and Techniques

  1. Looks like fun! I think they turned out great, and I like the variety of methods! Can’t wait to see you wearing them! 🙂

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