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Sparkling Clean, Streak-Free Windows

2013-06-11 038

Okay, excuse the corny caption, but I bet you’ll remember it better now that I put it that way!

I’ve been cleaning my windows lately, and let me tell you, they needed it.  Windex and paper towels are hardly adequate for the kind of dirt my windows see.  With all the spiders and flies, not to mention the dust stirred up by tractors constantly going past, they were frightful!

The easiest way to get a streak-free shine is to wash them with water, Dawn dishwashing detergent, and vinegar. (Note:  Regular Dawn works fine, too.  I just happened to find this huge jug of the Advanced Overnight Soaking Power variety at a good price.)

I usually vacuum the loose dirt that has collected in the crevices first.

2013-06-04 030

I even scrub the hard-to-reach places with a tooth-brush when I’m really serious about it.

2013-06-04  Allison 234

Then I fill a  gallon bucket with warm water and pour in some vinegar (maybe 1/4 cup ?), and enough Dawn to make it nice and sudsy. 

2013-06-04  Allison 237

I wipe the vinyl trim around the windows first.  Then I wipe the glass panes.  I keep my rag very wet when I wipe them the first time to get off all the dried dirt, dust, and fly specks.  Then I wring it as dry as I can and wipe it one more time.

2013-06-04  Allison 240

I then take my cloth diaper, turned window-cleaning-rag,  and keep wiping ’til I’ve wiped the whole pane dry.  And that’s it! 

2013-06-04  Allison 245

The diaper is super absorbent and lint free, so when it wicks away all the moisture, you’re left with sparkling clean, streak-free windows to gaze out of — Enjoy!

2013-06-04  Allison 249


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15 thoughts on “Sparkling Clean, Streak-Free Windows

  1. This is the same method I use! (great minds think alike! ;D )We live in the woods, and the insects are quite overpowering at times. In lieu of cloth diapers (mine have long since worn out) lint free toweling is awesome. I purchased them at Sam’s Club in the past, in the commercial kitchen section. With the amount of windows we have, paper towels are not practical. I also use them to clean the porcelain bath fixtures.

  2. I’m going to try this TODAY on my windows and shower door. Usually my son cleans the windows for me and he does a fantastic job, but he is really busy right now and I want these windows clean for company this weekend. Thanks for the tip. Only thing is I don’t have any cloth diapers around any more, so I’ll borrow my son’s special window cleaning rags. Actually, I’m surprised you have cloth diapers. I don’t know many moms that use them anymore.

  3. Yay! I have all three of these in the house already. I’m going to have to try it out this weekend. (Just in time for Father’s Day…won’t my husband be happy not to be doing it for once).

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