Allison’s Quiet Books Are on Etsy!

PicMonkey Collage--quiet books

Many of you have seen my post on the quiet book  Allison made for Carmen a few months ago.  Well….she’s made a couple of Mr. Potato Head quiet books to sell on Etsy!  She’s so excited!  I’d like to share with you here the two items she has available in her shop.

They each come with three complete outfits, two sets of facial features, and a “dresser” pocket to keep the pieces in.

Mr. Potato Head:
  1. cowboy hat, boots, and lasso
  2. winter hat, boots, and mittens
  3. top hat, shoes, and a briefcase

2013-05-14 Allison 022

Mrs. Potato Head:
  1. fancy outfit with earrings, high heels, hat, and purse
  2. girly outfit with little brown shoes, hair bow, and a pink purse
  3. winter outfit with hat, boots and mittens

2013-05-14 Allison 024

So hop on over to Etsy and get yours today!

( *Update*  6-21-13 — The Mr. Potato Head is sold, but Mrs. Potato head is still available. )


8 thoughts on “Allison’s Quiet Books Are on Etsy!

      1. I have it all ready to send. I’m just waiting on Etsy to work out all the details and tell me when.

        I will certainly tell Allison about you getting inspired to open up an Etsy shop. That’s wonderful! Hope it is a success!!

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