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On the Road

So it’s day two of our road trip,2013-07-13 052 and all around me kids are contentedly coloring, journaling, sleeping, or chatting., while our dependable and very capable RV driver takes us steadily toward our destination.  Out the window stretch miles and miles of Illinois corn fields dotted with windmills.

We left yesterday at 8:00 a.m.  We could hardly believe THE DAY had finally arrived!

2013-07-13 001

All the pent up excitement made the kids a bit restless and stir crazy the first day.  We had, “What can I do” questions, and “Mom, tell _____ to stop!”  complaints frequently, but today has been much more relaxing.  Megan told me this morning,  “I just feel like I want to travel!  Yesterday I didn’t think I wanted to, but when I woke up this morning, I was ready to go again!”  And Allison remarked just a few minutes ago, “This really isn’t too bad!”

We can go to the bathroom whenever we need to (the passengers that is), or heat up pizza in the microwave and sit at the table for lunch, or lounge on a very comfy queen bed with a book, or settle in for a nap,  or watch a movie, all while cruising down the Interstate!  This is definitely the way to travel, folks!2013-07-13 011

We got to S&H campground in Greenfield, IN (just east of Indiannapolis) last evening around 6:00.  We had time to experience some of the best of campground life —  the pool (got rid of some of that pent up energy and excitement), the playground, and a campfire to roast marshmallows for s’mores.

2013-07-13 036

Everybody found a spot to snuggle down and get comfortable for the night.  This will be our sleeping arrangement for a month.  ( The table folds down for Logan’s bed, Carmen sleeps on a mat beside him on the floor, the couch folds down for Allison and Megan’s bed, and Jefferson gets to sleep on the love seat, which also folds down.)2013-07-13 038

A pretty good start to our trip, I’d call it!

(We ended day two at Des Moines West KOA, Iowa — which means we crossed the great Mississippi and are now officially in the West. 🙂 )

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4 thoughts on “On the Road

  1. How exciting! I remember how cool it was when our family first went west of the Mississippi, a few years ago (driving, not in a plane). Now we’re in Colorado, although we haven’t explored any states to the west yet. Traveling in an RV seems like the ideal way to do it with kids 🙂 Safe travels!

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