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California Coast

We drove into California along Route 101 on Monday, July 29th.  Our views of the coast soon became obscured with fog.  We were so glad we had seen the OR coast in beautiful sunshine.

Soon after entering CA we were in the Redwoods National Park.  I LOVED walking in among those huge, ancient, majestic trees.  It was like a rainforest of sorts.  Everything — the ferns, the vines, the moss — were lush green and HUGE.

Took the opportunity for some family pictures.

California coast, San Francisco 092

California coast, San Francisco 072 (1280x960)

Since it was Anthony’s birthday, we treated ourselves to an evening out at a restaurant in Eureka, CA.  We had a delicious meal at the Café Marina — such a beautiful location there on the marina, with boats right by the restaurant’s patio.

On Tuesday, we drove down to San Franciso via the Sacramento Valley (Anthony wanted to see the farmland there), but first we took a long, winding path (Rte. 299) through the mountains of northern CA.  Carmen blissfully slept through most of it. 🙂

Views of the Sacramento Valley — rice, olive trees, canals, and sunflowers.

We made it to San Francisco yet that evening (Tuesday).  We were daring enough to drive our 36′ RV through the streets of downtown San Francisco (we just pretended to be a bus — ha, ha!), and even breezed through a street of Chinatown.  I have to say:  my husband is an awesome driver!

We drove over the bridge as it was getting dark, and it was foggy as well, so no stunning photos to offer, but here are some to show that we did indeed cross the famous Golden Gate Bridge.


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