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Oregon Coast

After leaving Brent and Luci’s last Thursday, July 25th, we drove down to Aldergrove, BC (Vancouver area) and stopped in at my Aunt Louise and Uncle Marv’s house.  Karen and Alvin and family as well as my parents were there too.  Aunt Louise served us a delicious supper at a nearby park.

I just had to get pictures of their gorgeous backyard before we headed for the park– such beautiful colors!

We spent the night in Lynden, WA just inside the U.S. border, then headed down to McMinnville, OR to visit my cousin Kim and family.  They were working on putting the finishing touches on their new coffee shop, ready to open very soon. (My mom’s cousin, Mary Schrock and her husband Floyd graciously invited us to their backyard, together with Kim and family,  and my sister Karen and family,  to eat our pizza supper.  They even let us park our RV at their beautiful mountain property, Misty Ridge, for the night.  Sorry I don’t have pictures.

Sunday, July 28th, we drove over to the Oregon coast at Florence, where we stopped to see the Sea Lion Caves (thanks for the tip, Maretta and Floyd).  What an unforgettable place!  We took the walk down to view the sea lions’ rookery on the ledges around the ocean, then took the elevator down through 200 ft. of rock to the world’s largest sea cave.  We couldn’t use flash photography, so it’s really hard to get an idea from my pictures here of how huge this cave is.  At its highest point, the ceiling of the cave is 125 ft. above the water.  The watery floor of the cave covers 2 acres.  During the summer most of the sea lions are out on the sunny ledges outside the cave, but there were a few inside.  We could hear their barking and roaring.  How incredible it must be to see this place in fall/winter when the cave is full of sea lions.

Everyone told us how beautiful the Oregon coast would be.  They were right!

We even got to see it at sunset.

We spent the night at Humbug State Park along the southern part of the coast.

Next up — California Redwoods.


3 thoughts on “Oregon Coast

  1. Your pictures are amazing. Thank you for taking us to visit Louise and Marv’s gardens, the sea lions, the light house and the coast. It resurrected some memories for me of seeing the same sights back in 1984. I guess it is time we take that trip again!

  2. With a garden as pretty as your aunt’s, why would you need to go to a park??? I’m so glad you went to the Sea Lion Cave. It truly is something to see (and hear, and…to maybe smell a little). 🙂

    1. Thanks for this continuing, very interesting travelogue, Rachel. The photos are great, keeping us in touch and up-to-date with family members. Have enjoyed travelling (virtually) with you. Good you could stop at Louise and Marv’s–we haven’t seen their newest abode/garden yet. And you’ve even extended the family to include second cousins like Mary and Floyd Schrock. Wow. Life is going to be so hum-drum when you return to the farm in the Shenandoah Valley, won’t it. Travel safely.

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