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On Our Way Home

I guess we’ve been on the way home since we left Brent and Luci’s house in B.C., but these last few states have really started to feel like the home stretch.  After seeing Arches National Park in Utah, we didn’t really take in many more sights.  To break up the monotony of driving most of the day, we decided to give ourselves more of a margin at the end of the day, stopping a little earlier — in time to have a campfire and do some real camping (sort of, anyway J ).  We stayed at State Parks, often next to a lake, from Colorado on home.  Most of them had a playground which the kids made good use of to get all their energy out.

Colorado, Kansas, on the way home 048 (1280x960)

Tuesday, August 6th, we stopped in Dodge City Kansas, to tour the Boot Hill Museum.  It was a neat little place, a replica of the town in it’s days as a wild west town.  We got to walk in and out of the shops along Front Street, as well as look in at the Blacksmith, Church, and an 1870 town house.  The kids were also delighted to peek inside an engine from the Santa Fe Railroad.

After Dodge City we stopped for the night  near Hutchinson, KS to visit our friends, Scott & Becky Unruh and family of four children. (An extra cousin was staying the night with them. J )

Colorado, Kansas, on the way home 033 (1280x960)

Before we left Wednesday, they took us to tour the salt mine in Hutchinson.  Anthony and the four older kids went down 650 feet to where the mine was in operation, but Becky and I stayed above with Carmen and two of her children– three year olds and younger weren’t allowed to go down.

Sights along the way home included

Santa Fe Trail Tracks (near Dodge City, KS)

Feed lots.

Colorado, Kansas, on the way home 006 (1280x960)


Colorado, Kansas, on the way home 025 (1280x960)

And the Gateway to the West, the St. Louis Arch.  (I guess it was the gateway to the east for us!)

Colorado, Kansas, on the way home 037 (1280x960)

Our GPS says we’ll be home around 7:30 this evening.  The kids are super excited to get home!!  It’s been a wonderful trip — I’ve loved getting to see the country all in one big tour like this.  We count ourselves blessed to have had this opportunity!


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