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Create Your Own Miniature Garden

Miniature landscapes

My girls have recently discovered the joy of creating miniature landscapes.  A new store opened up in our Farmer’s Market called “Landscapes in Miniature,” and when we first stopped by a couple of weeks ago, the girls couldn’t stop exclaiming and squealing with delight over all the charming garden scenes spread before us.  Pretty glazed flowerpots, mugs, bowls, outdoor planters, even a wheelbarrow all held lush, peaceful, and enchanting miniature gardens.

They used some of their birthday money to buy just a few miniatures to start a garden.


A cute little table and chairs, a fountain, and a gazing ball.


gazing ball









A bird house, a teeny-tiny puppy and some miniature house plants make up this one.  They added moss they found around the yard, some pebbles from our driveway to make a path, and some bark to make a little hut.

allisons mini landscape

What I love about these is the opportunity for the girls to let their imagination reign.  They can tend their gardens, re-arranging this and that until everything suits their fancy.  More items can be added a little at a time (great gift ideas).

If you know of some young lady, or anyone else (including yourself) who would love to play around in the dirt and create lovely little miniature landscapes, then you might want to give these a try.

You can find myriads of miniatures for your garden on Amazon here.


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