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Our Family’s Favorite Homemade Jam

This is the absolute best ever strawberry jam.  It’s a freezer jam, which means that the flavor is better preserved — no canned strawberry taste.  Yeah, it’s got way too much sugar in, but it’s fantastic. You’ll want to start with ripe strawberries.  Take the caps off, then mash them with a potato masher. Make… Continue reading Our Family’s Favorite Homemade Jam

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Making Maple Syrup

“Mom, the trees are starting to drip sap.  Can we please make maple syrup?”  The kids were begging to try again after our first attempt didn’t turn out so well two years ago. Tapping the Trees        So Anthony drilled two holes in each of the three sugar maple trees here in our yard.  We hung our strawberry… Continue reading Making Maple Syrup