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Create Your Own Miniature Garden

My girls have recently discovered the joy of creating miniature landscapes.  A new store opened up in our Farmer’s Market called “Landscapes in Miniature,” and when we first stopped by a couple of weeks ago, the girls couldn’t stop exclaiming and squealing with delight over all the charming garden scenes spread before us.  Pretty glazed flowerpots,… Continue reading Create Your Own Miniature Garden


Allison’s Quiet Books Are on Etsy!

Many of you have seen my post on the quiet book  Allison made for Carmen a few months ago.  Well….she’s made a couple of Mr. Potato Head quiet books to sell on Etsy!  She’s so excited!  I’d like to share with you here the two items she has available in her shop. They each come… Continue reading Allison’s Quiet Books Are on Etsy!

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Tie Dye Patterns and Techniques

Tie Dyeing t-shirts was first on our list of summer crafts and activities, and I’m happy to report that we have indeed completed the project.  If you’ve done this before using a kit, you know that there are instructions included for the various techniques and patterns.  But if you’ve never done tie-dyeing before, you can… Continue reading Tie Dye Patterns and Techniques

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Summer List of Kid Fun and Crafts

You probably have such a list yourself — all the neat craft ideas and fun activities you’ve seen on Pinterest or read about otherwise on the internet.  Well, here’s a list of the things I know my kids enjoy because we’ve done (most of) them before.  I’ll be returning to these crafts and projects this summer, tweaking them… Continue reading Summer List of Kid Fun and Crafts

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Birthday Blast!

We celebrated two birthdays at our house this week.  Allison turned 13, and Logan turned 11.  Each year we let the kids choose between having a party with friends and grandparents, or inviting a friend for dinner at a restaurant and a sleepover afterwards.  For Allison it was the party, and for Logan it was a… Continue reading Birthday Blast!


Clay Owl Jewelry Holder

If you’ve got some air dry clay and paint, then you’re all set to make this cute clay owl jewelry holder! Here’s what my oldest daughter, Allison has been up to lately.  She took the idea of making a decorative clay owl a step further —  she poked a few holes in the owl to make… Continue reading Clay Owl Jewelry Holder


Mom’s Memory Scrapbook

My mother turned 70 this year.  Seventy years of faithful service to her Lord and family.  In honor of this milestone, my sisters and I decided to give her a memory scrapbook.  Each of us, children and grandchildren, created a separate page of  pictures, artwork, poetry, and memories — whatever we wanted to include to show our love and… Continue reading Mom’s Memory Scrapbook