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News From the Dairy Farm Today — Triplets!

Breaking news:  Holstein triplet calves born at Beery Farms today!  When the cows were checked on our dairy farm early this morning, not one, not two, but three calves were found with one mama cow.  And they were even born without assistance — an incredible feat indeed.  They weigh around 60 pounds each, an amazing number… Continue reading News From the Dairy Farm Today — Triplets!

Cows · Family farm · Farm Life

Cows Give Milk

Okay, so you knew cows give milk, but have you ever had a close-up look at how milk is produced on a dairy farm?  Well then, if you have a few minutes, follow me for a field trip to our farm. Milking Time We’ll start in the milking parlor, the barn where the action happens.  Three… Continue reading Cows Give Milk

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Chickens and Eggs

On our farm, the chickens come first, then the eggs. In October, big trucks roll into our farm, carrying crates of white chickens. The crates are opened and the chickens are released into a freshly bedded barn, known by poultry growers as a chicken “house.” This house is 400 feet long and 42 feet wide.… Continue reading Chickens and Eggs

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Our Farm

  When people find out we’re raising our kids on a real, working farm, they usually respond with “Oh, what a great place for kids to grow up!” Wide open spaces, the smell of freshly cut hay, big old cob-webby barns, mud between toes, dirt under finger nails: all these seem like normal growing up… Continue reading Our Farm