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Pallet Garden

Ok, folks.  Here I am after a long hiatus from blogging.  There’s no real reason for the hiatus, just got caught up in real world living, I guess. I’ll start with one of the real world things I’ve been up to lately:  pallet gardening. I really do enjoy gardening.  Much reward and satisfaction comes from… Continue reading Pallet Garden

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Create Your Own Miniature Garden

My girls have recently discovered the joy of creating miniature landscapes.  A new store opened up in our Farmer’s Market called “Landscapes in Miniature,” and when we first stopped by a couple of weeks ago, the girls couldn’t stop exclaiming and squealing with delight over all the charming garden scenes spread before us.  Pretty glazed flowerpots,… Continue reading Create Your Own Miniature Garden

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Kitchen Windowsill Herb Garden

Lately I’ve been entertaining the idea of using fresh herbs in my cooking more.  I’m not very experienced at cooking with herbs, but would love to learn how. I was looking for fresh parsley in the grocery store a few months back, when I spotted some little potted herbs right there in the produce section.… Continue reading Kitchen Windowsill Herb Garden

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Making Maple Syrup

“Mom, the trees are starting to drip sap.  Can we please make maple syrup?”  The kids were begging to try again after our first attempt didn’t turn out so well two years ago. Tapping the Trees        So Anthony drilled two holes in each of the three sugar maple trees here in our yard.  We hung our strawberry… Continue reading Making Maple Syrup