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We’re Still Here…..and We’re Still Happily Occupied!

That’s right.  Even if this blog has been quiet lately, we’ve been keeping ourselves busily occupied as always.  I somehow have just not found the time to let you all know about it!  So I’ll do a little catch up post.  Here goes: We came home from our summer vacation to find half of our garden… Continue reading We’re Still Here…..and We’re Still Happily Occupied!

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Moss Study and a Quartz Find

We’re following the Outdoor Hour Challenge for our nature study schedule this term, and the suggested topic for the month of March is moss, lichen, and fungi.  Since we’ve already studied lichen and fungi , we decided to focus on moss. It just so happens that we are on the moss chapter in our Exploring Creation with Botany science book… Continue reading Moss Study and a Quartz Find

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How and Why We Do Nature Study

   Dandelion                                                                            Salamander   Buck Moth                                                                       Aster   Honeysuckle                                                                    Sprouting Acorn I don my jacket and shoes, grab the backpack of nature guides and magnifying lens, and trip out the door with five kiddos in tow for a nature walk.  We crunch gravels along the farm lane, then feel the cushion of sod and green growing stuff as… Continue reading How and Why We Do Nature Study

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Tree Pests

Here are the three most recent studies we’ve done:The Codling Moth We have an old apple tree out by our garage that keeps trying to give us apples.  Since we usually neglect doing our part to combat the pests, however,  they end up rotting on the ground,  unfit to eat because of how wormy they… Continue reading Tree Pests

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The Buttercup

This is the common buttercup.  Its characteristics are: shiny, glossy petals, hairy stem,bud, and sepals.  It also has very,very faint lines to point insects toward the nectar.  About midway down the flower the leaves are needle like, but at the base of the flower, the leaves look like “crowfeet”.  It looks pretty but beware! If you handle… Continue reading The Buttercup

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Oaks and Acorns

I love oak trees.  They are so stately.  They seem to me a symbol of strength in nature– quiet, steadfast strength.  I’ve read of oak trees 200, 300, even 400 years old.  We even have a couple of big old oaks here on the farm that are probably 100 – 200 years old.  Their leaves, too,… Continue reading Oaks and Acorns

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November Flowers

We’ve been learning about flowers this week in science.  The geranium in particular is the one we chose to focus on for nature study.  We have two big pots that sat on our deck all summer, so we brought them inside to escape the frost.  Now they are brightening up our foyer. And now for… Continue reading November Flowers