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We’re Still Here…..and We’re Still Happily Occupied!

That’s right.  Even if this blog has been quiet lately, we’ve been keeping ourselves busily occupied as always.  I somehow have just not found the time to let you all know about it!  So I’ll do a little catch up post.  Here goes: We came home from our summer vacation to find half of our garden… Continue reading We’re Still Here…..and We’re Still Happily Occupied!

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Sunday afternoon walk

Cat tracks. I headed out to the field behind the barn. My destination was the top of the hill right next to the picturesque little white church where I could get a better view of the sunset. Here’s the church close up. The camera doesn’t do justice to the panoramic view of the sunset that… Continue reading Sunday afternoon walk

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Buggy Bugs

Today we went on a nature walk and we found lots of insects we never really noticed before. All things six-legged are the topic of our nature study this term, so our eyes were bent downward, searching the ground around our feet for signs of this particular kind of life.  It’s incredible what goes on all… Continue reading Buggy Bugs

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Spring Peepers

Last Sunday we walked over the hill to a pond (pretty much a marsh!)  The spring peepers were really loud! We actually saw one up close on a thistle! Megan spotted it at first and she thought it was a brown leaf. Dad took some videos and pictures of it with his phone. Just look at his throat!  He… Continue reading Spring Peepers

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Wildflowers Everywhere!

 Today we went with Sylvia and her kiddos to Hone Quarry for a hike up Lover’s Leap.  We made it all the way to the top!  Of course we had lots of starts and stops for the little ones, and that gave us opportunity to observe all the wildflowers along the way.  We’ve usually been… Continue reading Wildflowers Everywhere!