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Turtles and Salamanders and Frogs!

Our nature study topic for this month at the Outdoor Hour Challenge was reptiles and amphibians, and we hit it big with salamanders!  I’ve got some pictures of frogs and turtles to show you too, but first, let me give you a little show and tell on how to find salamanders. 1.  Trudge through the woods looking… Continue reading Turtles and Salamanders and Frogs!

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Backyard Classroom

Spring has finally arrived in the Shenandoah Valley! We had temps up in the 80s this week, and of course the kids were loving it, and not so much loving their school books. So I decided to pep things up a bit by moving our “classroom” to the backyard. We spread blankets on the grass,… Continue reading Backyard Classroom

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Moss Study and a Quartz Find

We’re following the Outdoor Hour Challenge for our nature study schedule this term, and the suggested topic for the month of March is moss, lichen, and fungi.  Since we’ve already studied lichen and fungi , we decided to focus on moss. It just so happens that we are on the moss chapter in our Exploring Creation with Botany science book… Continue reading Moss Study and a Quartz Find

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Tree Pests

Here are the three most recent studies we’ve done:The Codling Moth We have an old apple tree out by our garage that keeps trying to give us apples.  Since we usually neglect doing our part to combat the pests, however,  they end up rotting on the ground,  unfit to eat because of how wormy they… Continue reading Tree Pests

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Buggy Bugs

Today we went on a nature walk and we found lots of insects we never really noticed before. All things six-legged are the topic of our nature study this term, so our eyes were bent downward, searching the ground around our feet for signs of this particular kind of life.  It’s incredible what goes on all… Continue reading Buggy Bugs

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Spring Peepers

Last Sunday we walked over the hill to a pond (pretty much a marsh!)  The spring peepers were really loud! We actually saw one up close on a thistle! Megan spotted it at first and she thought it was a brown leaf. Dad took some videos and pictures of it with his phone. Just look at his throat!  He… Continue reading Spring Peepers

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Wildflowers Everywhere!

 Today we went with Sylvia and her kiddos to Hone Quarry for a hike up Lover’s Leap.  We made it all the way to the top!  Of course we had lots of starts and stops for the little ones, and that gave us opportunity to observe all the wildflowers along the way.  We’ve usually been… Continue reading Wildflowers Everywhere!